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Business cycle research - a field of economic research that has rarely been so much in the focus of public interest as it is today.

Especially in turbulent times with major economic upheavals, the relevance of reliable leading indicators for diagnosing and forecasting economic developments becomes apparent.

Understanding economic conditions better and quickly recognizing turning points in the economic cycle has become more than ever a question of existential importance for many companies.

The Purchasing Managers' Index® (PMI®) from IHS Markit is the leading economic indicator par excellence.

Using a globally comparable methodology, it tracks developments in the most important industrialized and emerging economies. The PMI quickly and reliably signals what is actually happening in the private sector!

The calculation of the index values is based on monthly business surveys among carefully selected companies.

In Germany, ion research & consulting is entrusted with the monthly collection of the data basis in the industrial, service and construction sectors. On behalf of our client, we are constantly looking for new participants from these sectors.

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